Winter Reminders

With winter finally upon us, here are some helpful reminders and links from the City of Boston:

  • Property owners are responsible per city ordinance for shoveling sidewalks abutting their property. Sidewalks must be cleared within 3 hours of snowfall ending or 3 hours after sunrise if it snows overnight. Clear at least a 42-inch wide path for wheelchairs and strollers. Please be a good neighbor and take care of your sidewalks. The city will fine non-complying property owners.
  • Keep an eye on neighbors that might need assistance with snow removal or getting around. Any residents who need assistance can reach out to LANA as well.
  • Please remember to clear out nearby fire hydrants and catch basins following snowfall. Consider adopting a hydrant for the winter.
  • Sign up for snow emergency alerts from the City of Boston including information about any parking bans on major arteries.
  • Submit issues with snow removal or plowing to the City of Boston 311 service. You can call 311 or use the 311 app on a smartphone (which is a great tool).

Follow LANA on our Facebook page for real-time updates on any snow issues as well.

Let’s all hope this is a milder winter than the last one! Have a Happy New Year and thanks for helping to make our neighborhood so great!

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