Walter-Bussey Intersection Plans

Next year, the City of Boston will re-configure the Walter-Bussey Street intersection by the Arboretum. This plan has been in the works for the last few years. This re-configuration will bring safer pedestrian access to the intersection and will include curb bump outs to slow traffic at those turns and a dedicated left turn lane on Walter St. The city is putting in the underground infrastructure for traffic lights but will not install the actual traffic signals until they analyze the traffic patterns following construction completion.

You can view the planned design here: Walter & Bussey Plan.

Thanks to Councilor Tim McCarthy’s office for providing the design to LANA and their advocacy. Thanks also go out to Councilor Matt O’Malley’s office for their involvement and especially former Councilor Rob Consalvo who worked on this issue for years.

Please note this Walter-Bussey re-configuration is separate from any plans by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) for the Walter-Centre intersection, which is managed by the state. LANA has requested that DCR coordinate with the city in their planning.

Lastly, LANA continues to work with the city and Councilors McCarthy and O’Malley for the entirety of Walter Street and also South Street. Both streets suffer from rampant speeding and lack sufficient safe crossing points. LANA is hoping to see speed radar signs that display vehicle speeds, pedestrian crossing lights, and other measures to make the streets safer. We will keep the neighborhood posted as we work on these issues.

3 responses to “Walter-Bussey Intersection Plans”

  1. Uncle Robot says :

    This redesign creates unacceptable hazards for bicyclists by forcing them into the traffic lane at the bottom of the hill just at the point where vehicles are traveling the fastest and the worst of the congestion occurs. Clearly the city “engineer” that signed off on the plan has never ridden a bicycle. While the changes make important safety improvements for pedestrians the changes need to – and can – include fully a separated lane for cyclists. Rozzie Bikes (find us on FB) is working to get the plan changed. Please join us in the effort and let the City Councilors know.

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