Meet up this Saturday, June 25, 10am at the Pocket Park

Helping hands and green thumbs are needed this Saturday, June 25th at 10am at the Pocket Park at South and Walter Streets across from Longfellow House and Green Tea. Earlier this spring the daffodils were blooming and lovely. But the weeds are growing and the pocket park needs tending. Come meet your neighbors LANA is doing a work session to weed and plant perennials Saturday morning, June 25th at 10 am. Join us. If you have an extra hoe, rake or shovel, bring yourself and a tool if you have one. We are also looking for donations of perennials. If you are thinning your garden, or found that you have one too many perennials, please drop them off tomorrow morning, so we can add them to the park at South & Walter. Or email LANA at Thanks. See you Saturday.

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