World Wetlands Day – Take a Winter Hike and Explore a Local Wetland

World Wetlands Day – Take a Winter Hike and Explore a Local Wetland

Boston is celebrating World Wetlands Day throughout the month of February with a series of self-guided walks at inland wetlands and urban wild sites at Canterbury Brook, the Roslindale Wetlands, and Sherrin Woods.  Boston’s wetlands are a critical part of green infrastructure contributing to climate resiliency and reducing heat island effects.  Mayor Walsh and the Boston City Council have proclaimed February 2nd as World Wetlands Day. The day commemorates the signing of the Ramsar Convention, an international treatyfor the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands and this year is the 50th anniversary.  

Citizen volunteers in Boston celebrate and steward the City’s wetlands with innovative initiatives such as Southwest Boston CDC’s Green Team focusing on Sherrin Woods,  the Longfellow Area Neighborhood Association (LANA) integrating wetlands conservation with creation of new affordable housing at the Roslindale Wetlands.  On the eastern edge of Roslindale Mount Hope residents are working to turn a highly degraded waterway and wetland, Canterbury Brook, into a local amenity and asset.  

To celebrate World Wetlands Day, take a walk in one of the nearby wetlands areas – Canterbury Brook, the Roslindale Wetlands, or Sherrin Woods.  Winter allows one to see animal tracks and wonder at ice patterns.  All site walks are relatively easy. Dress warm, wear sturdy shoes or boots, wear your mask, and please socially distance.  

There are over 580,000 acres of wetlands in Massachusetts.  Wetlands are complex eco-systems that provide important benefits, including:  enhancing water quality; contributing to climate resiliency and the overall health of the environment and ecological systems; providing a critical source of green infrastructure; aiding drainage and stormwater management; minimizing flooding; sequestering and storing excess carbon; spawning and feeding area for fisheries; providing wildlife habitat; and a place for recreation, outdoor exploration and beauty. 


Boston Celebrates World Wetlands Day:

Canterbury Brook:

Roslindale Wetlands:

Roslindale Wetlands Task Force:   and  

Sherrin Woods:

LANA, Longfellow Area Neighborhood Association – 104-108 Walter Street initiative:   or

Mount Hope/ Canterbury Neighborhood Association

Southwest Boston CDC Green Team:   or

For more information:   Kathy McCabe, 617 549-7985,  

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