Statement from LANA Board

The board of the Longfellow Area Neighborhood Association mourns the death of George Floyd and the many others who have died due to racial injustice.  We reject systematic failures that cause inequalities.  We invite LANA members and neighbors to join the discussion of what we can do to make our neighborhood welcoming and safe for everyone.  Our next meeting will be on Zoom, on July 13 th at 7:00. In the meantime, we welcome your comments.

3 responses to “Statement from LANA Board”

  1. Inci Kaya says :

    Hello – I don’t see a zoom meeting calendar invite – can you provide a link?

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  2. websterweb says :

    Glad that you are meeting on this very topic.
    The Woodbourne Neighborhood Association– your neighbors to the South of Forest Hills– met about the topic of “What we want our neighborhood to be” in the context of racism expressed in Floyd, BReonna Taylor, etc., etc’s killings.
    We also looked at what relationship we want to have with the police.
    Our discussions on these are just beginning and we welcome learning what directions LANA takes.
    David Webster

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