100 Weld Street Development Update

BRA project manager Chris Tracy sent the following message yesterday regarding the 100 Weld St development proposal:

Hello All,
Thank you for your participation in the BRA process on the proposal at 100 Weld St thus far. I am writing to notify you that this proposal will not be presented at the BRA Board of Directors meeting this Thursday (9/17).
Based on the dialogue at our public meeting on August 27 and the public comments received by the BRA we have asked the proponent to consider this feedback and respond accordingly. In particular, the BRA has heard from the community that the size and massing of the proposal is too large, therefore, we’ve asked the proponent to reconsider the size and massing of the building.
I will be in touch when next steps are determined, if you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to ask. The link below can provide you with all of the project information.



Christopher Tracy
Project Manager
Boston Redevelopment Authority
1 City Hall Sq
Boston MA 02201

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