LANA Neighborhood meeting – Monday, Nov 8th at 7 pm. 

Topics include two zoning cases (one on Walworth St and a second on Mendum St), an update on the ecological restoration of the Roslindale Wetlands, a report from the Transportation working group, approval of September Annual and Board Meeting Minutes, Membership report, and more!

An Eventbrite link will be posted soon to register and get the Zoom link.

Celebrating 25+1 Neighborhood Walks – Saturday, Oct 23rd, 2pm

Join us for the first in a series of Neighborhood Walks this Saturday at 2 pm. The October walk begins at the playground at Fallon Field.  Yes, you know the one with the towering yellow and blue slide overlooking the corner of Walworth and South Streets.  Come find out about the playground, Fallon Field with and the Longfellow Gardens on Walter Street. Take a short walk, enjoy the outdoors, learn more about the ‘hood and meet neighbors.  See you at 2 pm, Saturday Oct 23rd at the Fallon Field Playground. 

LANA celebrating our 25th(+1) year

The Longfellow Area Neighborhood Association is celebrating 25+1 years of service and advocacy to the neighborhood.  We thought we’d look back and see if we could identify 25+1 Accomplishments.  To our delight, the list of accomplishments kept growing for this all-volunteer, neighbor-run organization.   LANA has done amazing things for the neighborhood — we’ve have successfully advocated and worked for:

  • Affordable housing which facilitated 43 units of senior housing and four units of affordable home ownership are underway;
  • Creation of a playground for children of all ages at Fallon Field;
  • Roslindale Wetlands;
  • Placemaking with the Pocket Park at South and Walter;
  • Good development within the neighborhood; 
  • Safer streets; and
  • Family/ community events, such as the After Party following the Roslindale Day Parade.

See how LANA has been making a difference over the last 25+1 years. Visit our 25+1 Anniversary page by clicking here!

LANA Annual Meeting/Board Meeting – Monday, Sept. 13, 2021.

Agenda includes Zoning: Variance request for 53-55 South Fairview (corner of South Fairview and South Walter STs), Centre & Walter Street Intersection Update, Roslindale Day Parade After Party, Wetlands Task Force, presentation by Jim Kostaras, CEO of Habitat for Humanity on the 104 Walter Street project.. Election of Board Officers will also occur during the Annual Meeting, along with the President’s Report & Comments. Paid members may cast votes for the Board. Register using Eventbrite.

You many download the full agenda here.

Register for the meeting:

Longfellow Area Neighborhood Association (LANA)

LANA Annual Meeting, Monday, September 13, 7 pm.

The 2021 LANA annual meeting will be Monday, September 13 at 7 pm. All are welcomed!  We will be celebrating 25+1.  Last year due to the pandemic, we couldn’t celebrate LANA’s twenty-fifth anniversary, so this year, it’s 25+1.  LANA has been making a difference and advocating successfully for neighborhood improvements since inception.  Come to the annual meeting and find out more.  We are meeting via Zoom.  Please register at Eventbrite at:

Get Involved – Serve on the LANA Board

At the Annual Meeting, the LANA membership will be electing new members of the board to serve.  Any member in good standing of LANA is eligible to serve on the Board.  This year, we have the following open seats and folks up for re-election.  There are 5 three-year terms to fill, plus 2 one-year terms, and 1 year-term at the Annual Meeting. If you are interested in serving, please contact President Kathy McCabe at for further information.   

Incumbents running for re-election include Wayne Beitler, Sue Forti, Julia O’Brien and Rachel Young.  We welcome new people and new energy to the board!


Make a difference and improve the neighborhood by joining LANA.  LANA is dependent on your memberships to help pay for the website, publish and distribute the newsletter, sponsor the After Party to the Roslindale Day Parade and advocate for neighborhood improvements, such as the 104-108 Walter Street project.  Your membership dues are critical to keeping the neighborhood strong and LANA operating!  Dues are only $20 per person per year. LANA is a tax exempt, tax deductible organization.  As part of the 25+1celebration, consider donating 25+1 to LANA and/or buying a gift of membership for a family member or neighbor!  You can pay online or mail your dues (along with your name, address and email) to LANA, PO Box 222, Roslindale, MA  02131.  

What’s 25 + 1?

LANA is celebrating 25 years +1 years (actually 26 years of service to the neighborhood, but who’s counting).  Since we were all hibernating last year due to the Coronavirus, LANA is celebrating 25+1 years (or actually 26 years of services to the neighborhood).   We are kicking off 25+1 years of celebration at the Annual Meeting.  Watch for a new LANA logo in the coming weeks.  Plus, we will be celebrating with the entire neighborhood at the After Party following the Roslindale Day Parade on Sunday October 3rd with lots of family fun and music.   Dust off your walking shoes, and stay tuned for announcements regarding periodic LANA walks in the neighborhood to get to know neighbors.  We are hoping for a fun year to celebrate with old friends, welcome new friends, and continue LANA’s successful track record of making positive changes for the LANA area of Roslindale.  Stay tuned and bring your dancing shoes to the Annual Meeting and the After Party.  Let’s celebrate!!!

It’s Official—Habitat for Humanity to Develop 4 Units

The Boston Planning and Development Agency voted unanimously to tentatively designate Habitat for Humanity as the developer for four units of affordable home ownership at 104 Walter Street.  The winning design plan is closely aligned with the guidance developed through the neighborhood planning/ consultation process organized by LANA in October 2020.  BPDA board members praised the design plan for its sensitivity, incorporating open space and housing, the involvement of LANA neighbors.   

Congratulations to the Habitat for Humanity team!  LANA looks forward to working with Habitat and neighbors to make sure the 104 Walter Street affordable homeownership project is a success!

Many thanks to project manager Morgan McDaniel for skillfully shepherding the 104-108 Walter Street project through the BPDA review and designation process.  Kudos to our elected officials Council President Matt O’Malley, City Councilors Ricardo Arroyo, Michelle Wu, Andrea Campbell, Mike Flaherty and Julia Mejia and Acting Mayor Kim Janey who all supported the 104-104 Walter Street project.  A special shout out to Chief Sheila Dillion and her team at the Department of Neighborhood Development, especially John Fueurbach, Kirstin Studlien, as well as Chief Mariama White-Hammond of Environment, Energy & Open Space and former Chief Chris Cook, Aldo Ghirin and Paul Sutton of Boston Parks and Nick Moreno of the Boston Conservation Commission. 

Many people, including neighbors, the LANA Board and Roslindale Wetlands Task Force, as well as folks behind the scenes have helped us reach this milestone.  Thank you to everyone!  

The After Party

The Roslindale Day Parade will step off from Roslindale Village by Adams Park at 1 pm on Sunday, October 3rd and march down Belgrade to Holy Name Circle and continue down South Street to Fallon Field.  LANA and the Roslindale Day Parade Committee are sponsoring an After Party following the parade at Fallon Field.  Games, Popcorn, Popsicles, Info Tables, Music, and More. Fun for All Ages until 5 pm.  Don’t miss it!  If you want to participate, volunteer, sponsor and join in, contact Rachel  

Dates to Remember:

Monday, September 6.   Labor Day.  Remember to be kind and thank essential workers and health care workers for all the work they do.

Monday – Wednesday, September 6 to 8.  Rosh Hashanah.

Monday, September 13.  LANA Annual Meeting.  All are welcomed.  Register at Eventbrite.  

Tuesday, September 14.  Primary Election Day.  Make sure your voice is heard, VOTE!

Wednesday and Thursday, September 15-16.  Yom Kippur. 

Saturday, September 18th, RoslinTrail Community Bike Ride, 10 am.  Meet in the Square.  

Saturday, September 25.  Roslindale Porchfest.  Listen to 100 performances — bands and music on 63 porches throughout the LANA neighborhood and Roslindale:      

Sunday, October 3.  Roslindale Day Parade steps off at 1 pm and marches from Roslindale Village along Belgrade to West Roxbury Parkway, to Centre Street, to South Street, and ending at Robert Street at Fallon Field.  

Sunday, October 3.   The After Party at Fallon Field, Following the parade 2 to 3-ish until 5 pm sponsored by the Roslindale Parade Committee and LANA.   

Welcome Uju Onochie, New Office of Neighborhood Services liaison to Roslindale

Join us in welcoming Uju Onochie as the Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS) neighborhood liaison for Roslindale and the African Community City-wide, replacing Joe Coppinger. Members of the LANA board met last week with Uju for a walk through part of the neighborhood. 

Uju was born and raised in Boston and is an active member of the Nigerian American community. She lives in Mattapan and graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. 

“I am very excited to be in this role with the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services,” said Onochie. “I will do my very best to serve my community and connect them to the resources provided by the City of Boston!” 

Uju plans on attending the bi-monthly LANA meetings, with the next one being held on September 13 via Zoom. Welcome, Uju!

LANA Meeting – Monday, July 12, 2021

LANA is meeting virtually this coming Monday at 7 pm. Topics include planning for activities at Fallon Field following the 2021 Roslindale Day Parade; LANA’s 25+1 anniversary; Racial Equity Committee’s work; inviting new board member applications for the upcoming Annual Meeting. As always, there will be time for discussion, questions and comments. Join us, all are welcome! Please register using Eventbrite by clicking on the “Register” button.

LANA Meeting Monday, May 10th at 7 pm

LANA is meeting virtually this coming Monday at 7 pm.  City Council President Matt O’Malley will be joining us as well as Roslindale Green & Clean, and National Grid. Planning for activities at Fallon Field following the 2021 Roslindale Day Parade as well as LANA’s 25+1 anniversary are on the docket. Hear updates on 104-108 Walter, the Roslindale Wetlands and the Racial Equity Committee’s work, and a potential letter of support regarding changes to Boston’s Energy Reporting & Disclosure Ordinance.  It’s a full agenda, but there’s always room for questions and comments. Join us! Please register below using Eventbrite.

LANA Meeting – Monday, March 8 at 7pm

Councilor Arroyo will be joining us and providing an update on city and District 5 issues. Roslindale Green & Clean will be letting us know about their work. Other topics include: 104-108 Walter Street;  Racial Equity; Centre & Walter Street Intersection and Zoning Variances at 1580 Centre, 35 Conniston Rd, and 53 Tyndale. Joe Coppinger, our neighborhood liaison will also be on hand. All are welcomed!  

World Wetlands Day – Take a Winter Hike and Explore a Local Wetland

World Wetlands Day – Take a Winter Hike and Explore a Local Wetland

Boston is celebrating World Wetlands Day throughout the month of February with a series of self-guided walks at inland wetlands and urban wild sites at Canterbury Brook, the Roslindale Wetlands, and Sherrin Woods.  Boston’s wetlands are a critical part of green infrastructure contributing to climate resiliency and reducing heat island effects.  Mayor Walsh and the Boston City Council have proclaimed February 2nd as World Wetlands Day. The day commemorates the signing of the Ramsar Convention, an international treatyfor the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands and this year is the 50th anniversary.  

Citizen volunteers in Boston celebrate and steward the City’s wetlands with innovative initiatives such as Southwest Boston CDC’s Green Team focusing on Sherrin Woods,  the Longfellow Area Neighborhood Association (LANA) integrating wetlands conservation with creation of new affordable housing at the Roslindale Wetlands.  On the eastern edge of Roslindale Mount Hope residents are working to turn a highly degraded waterway and wetland, Canterbury Brook, into a local amenity and asset.  

To celebrate World Wetlands Day, take a walk in one of the nearby wetlands areas – Canterbury Brook, the Roslindale Wetlands, or Sherrin Woods.  Winter allows one to see animal tracks and wonder at ice patterns.  All site walks are relatively easy. Dress warm, wear sturdy shoes or boots, wear your mask, and please socially distance.  

There are over 580,000 acres of wetlands in Massachusetts.  Wetlands are complex eco-systems that provide important benefits, including:  enhancing water quality; contributing to climate resiliency and the overall health of the environment and ecological systems; providing a critical source of green infrastructure; aiding drainage and stormwater management; minimizing flooding; sequestering and storing excess carbon; spawning and feeding area for fisheries; providing wildlife habitat; and a place for recreation, outdoor exploration and beauty. 


Boston Celebrates World Wetlands Day:

Canterbury Brook:

Roslindale Wetlands:

Roslindale Wetlands Task Force:   and  

Sherrin Woods:

LANA, Longfellow Area Neighborhood Association – 104-108 Walter Street initiative:   or

Mount Hope/ Canterbury Neighborhood Association

Southwest Boston CDC Green Team:   or

For more information:   Kathy McCabe, 617 549-7985,